An alphabetized compilation of lip swatches for Morgana's vegan lipsticks. Not officially sanctioned. All descriptions and official swatches taken from the official Morgana Cryptoria website. All other photos belong to their credited takers. Forward any questions, corrections, or requests to my Gmail,

(Includes all shades available from 10 March 2011 on; shades discontinued since then are gathered at the bottom of the page.)

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Absinthe (2010 formula)

"Metallic true green"

Azalea Blue (2010)

"Azalea with a blue sheen"

Bees Knees (1920s collection)

"[W]arm pumpkin orange"

Cat's Pajamas (1920s collection)

"[B]rick rose-red"

The Charleston (1920s collection)

"[D]eep red-plum brown"

Cocoa (2010)

"[P]erfect beige-brown for day wear"

Dianthus (2011)

"[P]ink with a sheen that shifts pink to silvery-green"

Enchanted Emerald (2011)

"Medium green with a brilliant green highlight. Changes to grey-green with a slight coppery sheen."

Fire in the Sky (2011)

"[B]lue with a pinkish-red sheen that shifts gold"

Flirtatious Flapper (1920s collection)

"[V]ery dark red"

Gargoyle's Glance (2011)

"[D]ark grey [with] gold, copper, and red tones"

Gilded Ballerina (2011)

"Light pink with an intense gold sheen"

Gilded Cerise (2011)

"[V]ivid red-pink with a gold sheen"

Hot Pants (limited edition)

"[B]right red-pink"

IT Girl (1920s collection)

"[W]arm & bright red"

Licorice (2010)

Black (no official description given)

Lilliana (Coven Exclusive)

"[L]ilac pearl with a hint of blue"

Love Lies Bleeding (2010)

Red (no official description given)

Lust After Midnight (2011)

"[B]lackened red with a brown undertone and a slightly metallic sheen"

Lysette (2011)

"[L]ight grey"

Mistress of Diamonds (2011)

"[R]ed-purple [with] a violet-red glow & silver sparkles"

Mocha Blast (2011)

"[B]rown with hints of red sparks"

Platinum Chocolate (2011)

"Dark brown with a grey undertone, silver sheen, & hints of silver sparkle"

Plum Crazy (2011)

"Muted plum with a slight metallic finish, gold & pink shifting sheen"

Plumeria (2011)

"[R]ed-plum with a shifting blue-green sheen"

Ravenna (2010)

"[D]eepest red-black"

Roses & Violets (2011)

"[L]ight pink with a violet sheen"

Shifting Violet (2011)

"[B]right purple with a red undertone and a shifting sheen of blue-green to silver"

Shrieking Violet (2010)

"Bright violet with no sparkle"

Silverwitch (2010)

"[M]etallic silver"

Speakeasy (1920s collection)

"[C]reamy raspberry"

Sub Zero (2010)

"[B]right, neon blue"

Sunset Peach (2011)

"Light peach with a shifting sheen of gold and pink"

Totally Tubular (2011)

"[B]right, neon pink. Will leave a stain."

Twinkling Rubies (2010)

"Red with shifting sparkles of pink and gold"

Very Cherry (2010)

"Rich, medium red"

Violet Banana (2011)

"[V]ivid yellow with a pearly violet sheen and a chartreuse shift"


(discontinued shades)

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Last updated 3 November 2011