HERO is a story about a perfectly ordinary boy with no memory of the past and no urgency for the future; who one day accepts a most extraordinary offer to travel to distant places and invisible cities.


If you are here but have no idea what HERO is, here is a succinct explanation: it is a thoughtful, ethereal webcomic written and illustrated by Hwei (Lin) Lim. It could be classified as fantasy, but genre labels hardly do it justice. For more information, please do check out the reviews, then proceed to the comic itself and revel in its beauty and poignancy.

And what is this that I'm looking at right now, you ask? This is simply an unofficial fansite dedicated to HERO. Spread the love, dear readers!


The art in the banners is all from the hand of the creatrix herself, Hwei Lin Lim; bannerification and web design come from the rather less exalted hand of Aoede, fortunately with extensive Javascript help from a kind friend, J. Walsh. The name A Secret Fanbase is of course from the DeviantArt fanclub.


Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Throw them to Aoede at their Gmail account, aoede.contact.

Fansite last updated 17 January 2019